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Noted as one of the best places to live in Massachusetts, the moderately-sized suburb of Melrose offers its residents everything from great schools to local shops and eateries to manicured parks and everything in between. With its access to both the water and the city, Melrose offers those who live there the best of everything. The area will see four typical New England seasons, with a mild fall and spring, cold winter, and warm, humid summer, making it ideal for enjoying something about each season. That said, there’s also ample opportunities for pests to get in the way of your daily life. 

That’s where Assurance Pest Solutions comes in. For more than 40 years, we’ve been servicing families and businesses of the greater Boston area alike with top-notch pest control services that they can count on. When you work with Assurance Pest Solutions, you get a prompt, responsive, local family-owned and -operated company that is focused on getting you results that last. Call us today to get started! 

Home Pest Control In Melrose, MA

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At Assurance Pest Solutions, we treat your family like our family. We’re keenly aware of the damage that pests can cause your home, whether it's health-related or structural. Either way, they have no place in your home and it’s our job to eradicate them with minimal interruption to you. Our process is straightforward:

  • Inspection. Our highly experienced technicians come to your home to thoroughly look over both the interior and exterior of your home for any current pest problem, as well as where new ones could arise, in order to develop a pest control plan that suits your specific needs.

  • Treatment. Utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles, we treat your home for all present pests. This style of work focuses on getting to the root cause of your issues while taking your family’s safety into account.

  • Follow-up. With routine maintenance and inspections, we will work to ensure that treated pests don’t return and that new infestations don’t arise. We work with your schedule and budget to find a routine that fits your needs.

When you choose Assurance Pest Solutions, you’re getting a team that cares and has the expertise to back it up. Contact us today to get started on all of your home pest control goals! 

Commercial Pest Control In Melrose, MA

At Assurance Pest Solutions, we understand the damage that having pests present in your place of business can cause; they put your people at risk, cost you business as well as repair funds, and they jeopardize your reputation. That’s why we’re here. We work with commercial clients both proactively and responsively, depending on the situation. And our process is straightforward so that you can get back to business:

  • Inspection. Our initial visit to your property leaves no stone unturned as we discover how pests are getting into your building or uncover the potential for future issues. Together, we’ll develop a plan of action for total eradication.

  • Treatment. Utilizing our IPM toolkit, we’ll treat your business in a way that causes as little disruption as possible and takes into account the health and safety of your staff and clients.

  • Follow-up. To ensure that treated pests don’t return as well as new problems are prevented, we encourage commercial clients to schedule routine inspections on a basis that fits their schedule.

When you choose Assurance Pest Solutions, you’re getting a dedicated and highly experienced team that knows how to get you results. Contact us today for peace of mind from pests with our commercial pest control. 

Are DIY Rodent Control Methods Safe For Melrose Residents?

Rodents of all shapes and sizes will destroy your home if you let them. Mice and rats slip through the smallest of openings in search of shelter, food, and water, and over the years, have actually grown very dependent on humans for all of these things. They crawl through cracks, sewers, or damaged window screens and make themselves at home. Rodents like mice and rats reproduce at rapid rates, meaning that you could have a full-blown infestation in only a matter of weeks if you don’t handle a rodent problem immediately. However, rodents are nocturnal and tend to hide inside walls, in cluttered areas, attics, basements, or other places humans rarely go, so spotting a rodent at all proves nearly impossible.

What’s more, rodents spread diseases and bacteria like salmonella through their urine and droppings, so cleaning up after them can prove dangerous as well. So while DIY rodent control may seem like a good idea and perhaps a trap can catch an individual mouse or rat, this is a problem that’s best left to the professionals at Assurance Pest Solutions. Contact us today to keep rodents away. 

Five Ways You May Be Attracting Flies To Your Home In Melrose 

Flies are an annoying, unsightly pest that buzzes around your Melrose home and seems to always be following you. Unbeknownst to you, there are things that you might be doing that is attracting them en masse to your home. Here are five ways you might be attracting flies:

  1. Leaving fruit out on the counter.

  2. Having uncovered garbage cans and not removing trash regularly.

  3. Not cleaning up spills quickly and thoroughly.

  4. Having accumulated food residue at the bottom of your sink drain.

  5. Keeping an excess of pet feces or manure around your yard.

When it comes to flies, prevention is key, but too often, the way we live our daily lives attracts them to our homes. For all of your fly control needs, contact Assurance Pest Solutions today!


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