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Just 18 miles southwest of Boston, you will find the community of Sherborn. We offer our residents the benefits of rural living but easy access to the amenities and entertainment found in Boston and New England. Great schools, safe neighborhoods, and a close knit-community are just some of the many reasons we love to call Sherborn home.

To keep your Sherborn property free of the wide range of pests that are common to Boston and the rest of the New England area, turn to the local pest control professionals at Assurance Pest Solutions. If you want your pest problems solved, we have the pest control solutions you need!

For exceptional customer service and outstanding pest control in Middlesex County, partner with us at Assurance Pest Solutions!

Home Pest Control In Sherborn, MA

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Don’t wait until you spot ants trailing through your kitchen or spiders in the basement to seek out pest control services. The best way to quickly solve current pest problems and prevent future problems with pests is to be proactive. Regular pest control services for your home are the best way to stop pests from feeling welcome inside your Sherborn house.

Insects and rodents know that our Sherborn yards and homes will offer them ample sources of food, water, and safe shelter. They want to live with us, so keeping them away from our properties is difficult. Partnering with a professional is the best long-term solution to keeping pests away!

Our residential pest control services in Sherborn, MA includes our professionals performing thorough inspections, safe and comprehensive treatments, and follow-up visits to ensure pests can’t return. Trust your home’s pest control needs to the experts at Assurance Pest Solutions.

Commercial Pest Control In Sherborn

Guarding your commercial property against New England’s toughest pests is vital to your business’s reputation and success. Pests are destructive, annoying, and a health risk to people; they should never call any commercial property home!

Whether you own or manage a restaurant, apartment complex, office building, or school, we can help you keep pests away from your commercial building, inventory, customers, and employees. We understand how important quality pest control is to help you maintain a business that will keep customers returning.

To help you keep insects and rodents away from your commercial property, our professionals will implement a commercial pest control plan unique to your commercial property and industry. They will begin with a thorough inspection to find active pest infestation, install monitoring devices, and finally implement a plan of action to remove pests and help you keep pests out long-term.

Don’t let pests harm your business, partner with Assurance Pest Solutions for effective commercial pest control in Sherborn.

Common Wildlife Problems In Sherborn

Sherborn is a rural community, and we have many outdoor spaces to enjoy. However, we must remember that we aren’t the only living creatures enjoying outdoor spaces in Sherborn. Various wild animals call our region home. While wild animals are more than capable of living successfully outside and away from people, they have learned that living near people and our homes provides them with easy access to basic needs. Wild animals are regular visitors to rural, suburban, and urban properties.

Below are some common problems that raccoons, opossums, skunks, squirrels, and other wild animals cause.

  • Wild animals cause will damage the exterior of your home as they try to create exits and entrances.
  • Wild animals will dig through and damage yards, gardens, trees, landscaping, and trash cans.
  • Wild animals regularly carry and transmit diseases that can potentially make people and pets ill.
  • Fleas and ticks are disease-spreading parasites that wild animals introduce onto our properties.
  • When living in close contact with wild animals, there is a threat of bites or scratches occurring to you or your pets if wild animals ever feel threatened. 

If wildlife becomes a problem on your Sherborn property, Assurance Pest Solutions is here to help and provide wildlife removal services. We will come to your property to identify the problematic wildlife and create a custom plan to safely and humanely remove the animals. To learn more about wildlife control in Sherborn, call now.

How Fleas In Your Sherborn Home Can Be More Than Just Annoying

We all know that fleas are tiny annoying pests that can jump surprising distances. But did you know that fleas are more than just annoying; they are actually dangerous? Like many other blood-feeding pests, fleas can acquire and spread diseases and parasites like tapeworms to people and animals as they feed.

Keeping fleas in Sherborn out of your home is vital to your sanity and the health of your family and pets. Flea bites are quite itchy, and scratching at flea bites can lead to secondary infections that require medical attention.

Professional pest control is the most effective way to keep fleas from finding their way into your yard and home. At Assurance Pest Solutions, our professionals will treat and eliminate any fleas present and help you stop them from returning. We are here to help you solve your property’s flea problems!


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