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If you’re dealing with pest problems on your Needham property, you might feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and unsure of what to do. Perhaps it's because you’ve never really dealt with pest problems before (at least, not very effectively). What if there were an experienced expert in your area that wouldn’t charge an arm and a leg for effective pest control? 

While DIY pest control methods may seem like the easier and cheaper way to go, you’re actually opening your home or business up to further health risks and potential property damage. Instead, Assurance Pest Solutions offers the following benefits to all of our Needham area customers: 

  • 40+ years of industry experience 
  • Family-owned and operated customer service 
  • Integrated Pest Management methodologies 
  • Open lines of communication 
  • Quick response times

When what means most to you is threatened by invasive pests, there’s no replacement for professional care with a personal touch. Call us today to get an estimate or read more about our specific pest control services below. 

Home Pest Control In Needham, MA

a home in needham massachusettes protected by pest control solutions

As pest problems become noticeable on your Needham property, it might already be too late to do anything about them yourself. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to notice an infestation without professional help, and lingering pest problems can often lead to property damage, health hazards, and more. 

There is good news, though. At Assurance Pest Solutions, we have over 40 years of experience dealing with residential pest issues with comprehensive, affordable methods. Plus, our service technicians will always make you feel like a priority. Give us a call today for an estimate on pest control for your Needham property

Commercial Pest Control In Needham, MA

While pest problems have always been bad for Needham businesses, they can be worse than ever in today’s society. Thanks to the power of social media, one pest sighting, picture, or post could turn into thousands of potential customers who don’t feel safe visiting your business facility. 

Instead of rolling the dice trying to protect your business with DIY pest control methods, get the most experienced personal service you can find in the Needham area. Our technicians will provide a thorough inspection and a customizable game plan to ensure that your business facility is protected with the latest Integrated Pest Management solutions available. Call us today to get an estimate for commercial pest control services.

Needham’s Handy Guide To Effective Mosquito Control

Everyone understands how frustrating mosquitoes can be in the yard, but one thing you might not understand is just how dangerous these pests really are. In fact, mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals on the planet, spreading dangerous diseases from bite victim to bite victim as they invade Needham yards. On average, one in every three hundred mosquito bites will result in an illness like West Nile virus, Dengue fever, yellow fever, or Zika virus. 

In order to provide a less conducive environment for mosquitoes on your property, it’s important to limit any source of standing water over a half-inch deep, as this is the perfect breeding site for mosquitoes. Unfortunately, once mosquitoes hatch their larvae in these areas, dumping the water out won’t break the breeding cycle. 

The best way to deter future mosquito infestations and to eradicate existing problems is to treat standing water with professional solutions while also treating vegetation with repellent misting solutions. Our highly trained mosquito experts will inspect your property for potential issues and apply these treatments in a way that poses no threat to your family or pets. Call us today to get an estimate and take back your yard from dangerous mosquito infestations.

Here’s What Needham Homeowners Ought To Know About Cockroaches

When cockroaches invade your Needham home, you might not always spot an infestation right off the bat. Unfortunately, these pests are averse to light and human interaction, so just seeing one cockroach, dead or alive, might indicate a large infestation within your walls. To make matters worse, cockroaches are well-known disease spreaders. They’ll spread bacteria all over your home, including your stored food and meal-preparation areas, which is why many cockroach infestations result in health conditions like salmonella, E. Coli, and others. 

If you do notice a few cockroaches here and there, you might not be able to discern the origin or the extent of the infestation, so a store-bought spray will only allow the infestation to linger. Our Assurance Pest Solutions methods, on the other hand, can eradicate existing infestations quickly and repel future cockroach problems from your property. We’ll inspect carefully, treat thoroughly, and follow up regularly to ensure that you never experience another roach problem. For cockroach control you can count on, give us a call today.


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