Mosquito Control In Massachusetts

Eliminating Pesky Mosquitoes From Your Waltham, MA Property

Mosquito season may be relatively short in Waltham and the surrounding areas of Massachusetts, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasant. Those of us who live here want to enjoy our long summers, and it’s difficult to do so when mosquitoes drive us crazy every time we step outside.

There are good reasons to get rid of mosquitoes that go beyond the annoyance factor. Not only do these pesky insects cover you in itchy bites, but they also are well-known for spreading many serious diseases through those bites. Although most of the ones transmitted in the U.S. lead to only mild symptoms, they can be dangerous or even deadly to some individuals.

If you’ve had enough of mosquitoes ruining your time outside and you want to protect your family from mosquito-borne illnesses, it’s time to call Assurance Pest Solutions. We offer mosquito control services that will dramatically reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property.

Our Mosquito Control Offerings

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When it comes to reducing the number of mosquitoes on your property, we must do two things. We need to eliminate as many adults as possible, and we need to stop the breeding process. By doing these two things, you not only see immediate results in the reduction of mosquitoes flying around your yard, but you also have the residual benefits of new mosquitoes not developing in the weeks to come.

We will first identify any conducive conditions on your property that may attract mosquitoes – particularly areas of standing water, such as tires behind the shed, leaf-packed gutters, bird baths, etc. These areas can be treated with organic, biological control mosquito dunks, which are safe for application in bird baths, tree holes, roof gutters, flower pots, and other common areas that may hold standing water.

In order to provide the best results to you, Assurance Pest Solutions uses a backpack mist blower to deliver our mosquito control treatments. The mist is applied to the overhang of trees and bushes and includes a residual product that works on contact and has a growth regulator. You’ll see immediate results that last three to four weeks.

Because no mosquito control treatment has long-term effects that last more than a month, we offer recurring services during mosquito season, which runs from mid-May through the end of September. During these months, we’ll return to your home every three to four weeks to retreat your property, keeping the mosquito populations low all season long. This recurring service includes free spot treatments in between regularly scheduled services if necessary.

We also offer one-time services for special events. If you're planning an outdoor party, wedding, concert, or other event and need to get rid of mosquitoes, we will provide a treatment before the event, allowing your guests to have a pleasant time during the event.

Get Outside In Waltham, MA With Assurance Pest Solutions

If mosquitoes or other pests have been keeping you from enjoying your yard, it’s time to deal with them. With Assurance Pest Solutions mosquito control services, you can get back to doing the things you love in your backyard. From relaxing in a lawn chair to making your famous barbecue ribs, you deserve to be able to use your property the way you want. Contact Assurance Pest Solutions today to get rid of pesky mosquitoes.

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