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Pest Control In Bridgewater, MA

Bridgewater is 25 miles south of Boston and 35 miles east of Providence, placing it within driving distance of two big New England cities. The Plymouth County community is home to Bridgewater State University and Bridgewater Ice Arena. It encompasses a large area for a small town, providing plenty of space for homes and businesses.

The town features the Bridgewater State Forest, the Great River Preserve, and Carver Pond, providing homes for various animals. Some creatures stay in their natural habitat, but others invade buildings for food and water. They can cause structural problems in buildings and illnesses in people. Fortunately, Bridgewater, MA pest control professionals have the tools to keep them away.

Assurance Pest Solutions protect Bridgewater homes and businesses from intrusive pests. Our technicians can discover the intruders on your property and remove them to keep you safe.

Residential Pest Control In Bridgewater

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Bridgewater has several undeveloped acres of land that animals call home. However, these areas are often near residences, creating problems for residents. Pests might invade buildings for food, water, and shelter, creating damage and scattering pathogens on surfaces. Residential pest control services can remove these creatures and eliminate the problems they cause.

Assurance Pest Solutions protects Bridgewater homes by keeping potentially harmful pests away. We start by inspecting your property to find activity and attractants. We’ll seal off potential entry points and gaps behind appliances. Our technicians use vacuums to eliminate pests and apply gel baits when necessary.

The animals around Bridgewater can cause headaches for residents, but we can help. Call us to protect your home from troublesome pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Bridgewater

Bridgewater businesses are different sizes and have unique concerns. However, pests threaten all commercial buildings because they can enter through tiny spaces, cause damage, and spread illnesses. Staying ahead of possible intruders is the best way to prevent problems, and commercial pest control services can help.

When you call Assurance Pest Solutions to protect your business, our technicians will search your utility areas, storage spaces, and cooking spots for signs of activity. We’ll examine your exterior for conducive conditions, identify possible entry points, and set up monitoring stations around your property. We can service your facility as frequently as necessary to keep pests away.

The animals around Bridgewater threaten the safety and production of local businesses. Contact us to keep these problems away.

Why Invasive Wildlife In Bridgewater Needs Professional Attention

Since Bridgewater provides natural habitats for various creatures, wild animals can find their way onto properties. These intruders threaten the safety of residents by fiercely defending themselves and spreading pathogens. Removing these pests can be dangerous and ineffective for the inexperienced. Fortunately, wildlife professionals have the knowledge and tools to protect you and your property.

Massachusetts law protects some animals, so you can’t injure or kill them. Even if laws don’t mention a specific species, you likely prefer to relocate these intruders who usually don’t intend to harm people. Professionals can humanely remove these animals and ensure they don’t return. Some of the reasons to hire professional wildlife removal to handle your infestation include:

  • Identify the animals on your property.
  • Safely remove them to avoid injuries and illnesses.
  • Relocate the animals without harming them.
  • Close entry points to prevent future infestations.
  • Repair damage and sanitize after the removal.

At Assurance Pest Solutions, we’ll inspect your property to find wildlife activity, looking at gaps in your exterior and roof. We use one-way exclusion devices for humane removal and can use live traps, checking them every 24 hours.

Wild animals are problematic for residents and can be potentially dangerous to remove. Let us know if you see wild animals around your Bridgewater home.

How Bridgewater Homeowners Bring Bed Bugs Inside

Bed bugs are tiny insects, but most homeowners fear them. Despite not causing damage or spreading illnesses, these pests will keep everyone away from your home. Their sizes and hiding abilities make them almost impossible to find, and their soft bites allow them to remain hidden.

You might know these pests are undesirable, but how do they end up in your house? Unlike most animals that sneak through tiny entry points, bed bugs travel with people, climbing on or into belongings to travel long distances. Some of the common ways that homeowners carry bed bugs inside include:

  • In bags
  • On old furniture
  • In the folds of clothes
  • In luggage

When these pests invade your house, they can spread to other rooms, hiding near where people rest. The professionals at Assurance Pest Solutions have the tools to find and get rid of bed bugs. Our technicians will inspect your house for signs of activity, vacuuming live bed bugs and eggs. We use liquid residual treatments on affected surfaces and apply powder to your walls.

We provide a 90-day warranty when we solve your infestation, which starts following our last professional bed bug treatment. Call us to get bed bugs out of your Bridgewater home.


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