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a skunk in a waltham yard

Waltham Homeowners' Quick Guide To Effective Wildlife Control


The phrase “pest remediation” usually evokes thoughts of bugs. Animals are hardly ever thought about in that realm, but they should be. They are as much of a threat as insects. This is especially expected when a Waltham home or business is in close proximity to a body of water, the woods, or a grassland. ... Read More

a house mouse in a waltham home

How Mice Get Into Waltham Homes


Imagine for a second that your job is to break into a building made completely out of concrete. There are no windows, all of the doors are made out of metal, and have multiple locks. How hard would it be to get inside? Now, what if large sections of the walls were made of cardboard? This would make your job a lot easier, correct?... Read More

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