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a wasp on a waltham massachusettes fence

How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Waltham Property


If pests are defined by the problems they cause, then wasps should be considered among the worst pests that live here in Waltham. These invasive bugs regularly build homes on properties and threaten homeowners with painful stings. Having enough of these pests in your yard can make it feel unlivable. Learn some exclusion tips to use.... Read More

a house mouse in a waltham home

How Mice Get Into Waltham Homes


Imagine for a second that your job is to break into a building made completely out of concrete. There are no windows, all of the doors are made out of metal, and have multiple locks. How hard would it be to get inside? Now, what if large sections of the walls were made of cardboard? This would make your job a lot easier, correct?... Read More


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