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How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Waltham Property


If pests are defined by the problems they cause, then wasps should be considered among the worst pests that live here in Waltham. These invasive bugs regularly build homes on properties and threaten homeowners with painful stings. Having enough of these pests in your yard can make it feel unlivable. To help you reclaim your outdoor living areas and fight back against these problematic stingers, here are some exclusion tips to consider.

Be Careful When Cooking Out

Wasps have no trouble stealing food from outdoor gatherings. If you are hosting a cookout on your Waltham property, be careful not to leave food and beverages uncovered. This will reduce your chances of attracting unwanted stingers. After you are done eating outdoors, clean up thoroughly to make sure no scraps or spills are left for these pests to find.

Keep Your Yard Clean

There are several ways a clean yard can help prevent wasps. If you have fruit trees or berry bushes on your property, do your best to pick up fruits and berries as they become ripe and fall to the ground. Another helpful thing you can do is fill in gopher holes and other burrows on your property. This will deter ground-nesting wasps from building their homes inside your yard.

Consider Removing Budding Plants From Your Yard

Some people love having flowers and other budding plants in the yard. If you are not one of these people and could care less if your yard is filled with pretty things, consider removing them from your property altogether. This will further limit wasps' access to food and make them less likely to build their nests nearby.

Do Not Feed Your Pets Outdoors

Most pet foods are high in protein, which is something that wasps love. If you have pets that you feed outdoors, wasps might try to steal their food. If possible, feed your outdoor pets in a protected area where wasps cannot gain access.

Invest In Bug-Proof Trash Cans

Wasps do not care where they find their food as long as it is edible. Because of this, these pests will regularly crawl in and out of trash cans to find bites to eat. To prevent them from doing this on your property, invest in trash cans with tight-fitting lids.

Make Sure Your Home Is Sealed

Although wasps do not normally build nests indoors, they do come inside on occasion and cause trouble. To make sure these stinging pests stay out of your living areas, here are a few simple exclusion tips to use around your home.

  • Use a caulking gun to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation and spacing around window/door frames.
  • Make sure your home’s window/door screens are in good condition and rip/tear-free.
  • Install door sweeps under doors that lead out of your home.
  • Keep unscreened windows/doors closed as much as possible.
  • Invest in professional pest exclusion services.

What To Do When Wasps Build Nests On Your Property

Wasps are not the easiest pests to remove from a property. If you have found a nest or nests in your yard and are unsure where to start to remove them, consider getting our team involved. At Assurance Pest Solutions, we take wasp control seriously. We know how dangerous these pests are and we equip our technicians with the advanced tools, training, and tactics needed to effectively and safely remove wasps from properties.

Call (781) 630-5653 to schedule your Waltham home for a pest inspection and discover your best solution to wasp problems.