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Effective Squirrel Control In Waltham

Grey squirrel

In the realm of pest control, rodents are among the most common intruders that will navigate their way inside homes and businesses to seek food, water, or warm nesting sites. Rodents belong to the Rodentia order that has more than 2,000 different known species throughout the world. Among the most common types include gophers, mice, rats, voles, and squirrels.

In the winter months, more than 20 million properties are infiltrated by types of rodents in the U.S. Squirrels, as with the majority of rodents, have front teeth (incisors) that grow constantly and cause these creatures to gnaw on things constantly. This is bad news for property owners that have squirrels chewing on their electrical wiring, cabling, and other materials.

What attracts squirrels to properties in the Waltham region? Squirrels are somewhat intelligent creatures who constantly seek areas of warmth during cooler periods and locations to stockpile food. They are adept climbers that easily navigate their way up the side of exterior walls, tree branches, and roof lines.

In many cases, individuals will detect the presence of squirrels when they are heard rummaging in attics or scurrying through interior walls. Squirrels tend to enter homes in many of the same ways that roof rats do by using their paws or teeth to expand small openings and navigate indoors. 

The Types Of Squirrels That Hang Around Waltham Yards

Squirrels found in Massachusetts include ground squirrels, tree squirrels, and flying squirrels. Tree squirrels commonly referred to as grey squirrels or red squirrels, usually nest in voids or crevices or build nests on tree branches. Grounds squirrels typically create underground burrows or nests below large objects on the ground.

The Diseases Squirrels In Waltham Are Capable Of Spreading

Preventing squirrels is also a means of reducing potential health-related concerns. They are known carriers of typhus, rabies, tularemia, and many other unwanted and dangerous conditions. They will also create significant property damage by burrowing through insulation, drywall, and other materials.

Effective Squirrel Prevention Tips For Waltham Properties

Eliminating squirrel intrusions requires a proactive and common-sense approach that involves recognizing what attracts squirrels and limiting those conditions.

Keeping the yard area adjacent to the structure free of debris is important, as squirrels generally avoid open spaces where they are most vulnerable to predators, including cats, large birds of prey, raccoons, and more.

Some of the objects to move elsewhere include firewood piles, lawn equipment, birdbaths, and others. Always place trash in durable trash cans with functional lids to prevent access and avoid feeding pets in garages or on patios or decks.

The Safest Way To Keep Squirrels Away From Your Waltham Property

Most types of squirrels will infiltrate homes when opportunities exist. Some of the best prevention strategies include:

  • Inspect the upper areas of the property, including roofs, gutter systems, and eaves for any damage that has occurred and could be potential entry points.
  • Trimming back tree branches away from the structure is critical and always relocate bird feeders at a distance.
  • Promptly remove fallen fruits or nuts from yard areas that are attractive to squirrels.
  • Check for other exterior points of entry including large cracks in the foundation, damaged screens, or utility line pass-throughs.

Locally-Owned Provider Of Pest Control Solutions

Too many property owners attempt to procure store-bought traps, bait stations, and gimmicky devices that claim to effectively capture, kill, or deter squirrels and other rodents. In reality, the majority of these options are ineffective and lead to further frustration. The team of experts with Assurance Pest Solutions understands the best ways for preventing squirrels and eliminating squirrel intrusions.

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