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How To Keep Dangerous Wildlife Away From Your Waltham Home

Grey squirrel

If you’re trying to keep your Waltham home free of pests problems, you have to consider more than just insects. Other animals can cause many issues for residents, and various wildlife species can find their way onto a property and are difficult to remove.

The most common wildlife you have to worry about include gray squirrels, raccoons, pigeons, and bats.

Here is how to identify each of these species:

  • Gray squirrels have gray and bushy tails. Their hind legs are larger than their front legs.
  • Raccoons are about the size of a house cat. They have gray fur but their tails are striped with black and white. They have mask-like markings around their eyes.
  • Pigeons are a rather common nuisance bird. They’re mostly gray, but they have iridescent feathers around their neck.
  • Bats are small flying creatures that are usually a brownish color. They are nocturnal.

How Worried Should You Be About Wildlife Infestations?

While some wildlife species might look cool or beautiful from far away, you definitely don’t want them making a home near your property. They can bring with them a long list of property damage concerns and also pose health risks.

Here are the five main problems to be aware of when it comes to various wildlife species:

  1. The droppings of pigeons, other birds, and bats can release fungal spores and damage property if they build up.
  2. Mammals such as squirrels and raccoons can carry parasites such as ticks and fleas.
  3. Many of these animals can carry rabies as well as other diseases such as raccoon ringworm and salmonellosis.
  4. Squirrels will chew through many different materials and can damage things like electrical wires.
  5. Many species will bite or attack if they feel threatened. While it’s not that common, it can still happen.

While all of these animals can cause concerns when they live outside, they are even more problematic once they get inside a home. This is when they can really start to destroy things and put you and your family’s safety at risk.

Why You Shouldn’t Remove Wildlife On Your Own

While it’s true that most wild animals in the area aren’t trying to hurt you, they will still defend themselves. Most of these species prefer to stay away from people, but if they feel cornered or are worried about their young, they will lash out.

This is why you’re most likely to end up being bitten or scratched when attempting to remove these animals. In order to effectively and safely remove any of these nuisances from around your home, contact professional pest control experts for assistance. Instead of struggling to remove these animals, let the pros who have the tools and experience get the job done.

Effective Wildlife Control In Waltham

The professionals at Assurance Pest Solutions are committed to providing reliable wildlife control you can feel good about. We start with an inspection and then apply treatment depending on the species at hand. We use various techniques, including many humane options such as traps and exclusion methods.

Don’t waste time and resources removing wildlife on your own. Instead, learn more about our wildlife control options by giving us a call today at (781) 630-5653.