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Five Easy & Effective Ant Prevention Tips For Waltham Property Owners

Ant prevention

If you don't want ants to take over your Waltham home, there are five steps you can take. By taking the steps below, you can save yourself from the nuisance and danger that comes from an ant infestation.

The Ants Of Waltham

In Waltham, several types of ants plague local property owners, but perhaps the most destructive one is the carpenter ant. This large, black pest chews through the wood to form tunnels. Over time, they cause damage to your structure and furniture. Another common property invader is the fire ant.

While the carpenter ant is destructive to buildings, the fire ant is destructive to people. This reddish-brown ant has a painful sting, and if you have an allergic reaction to the venom, you could go into anaphylactic shock. Typically, fire ants remain outside. But they have large colonies with multiple queens and can easily take over your yard.

Then, there are the odorous house ants. Named for the foul smell they emit when crushed, odorous house ants aren't dangerous or destructive. That said, they are a nuisance that can easily contaminate your food. All of the local ants are difficult to remove once they decide to inhabit your property. For that reason, it's essential to keep these pests as far away from your property as possible.

Keeping Waltham Ants Out

Generally, ants in Waltham seek out food, moisture, and shelter. As you might expect, the best way to keep ants out is to eliminate those three features. But that's not as simple as it sounds. With these five tips, you can protect your property from ants.

1. Seal Up Entrances
The more crevices, gaps, and holes in your structures, the more likely it is that you'll have ants. If you don't want ants getting indoors, seal up the potential points of entry. Check your buildings for cracks and your screens for holes. Take the necessary steps to close up your building, and you can keep ants outside. Typically, sealant and a roll of screen tape go a long way towards keeping ants out.

2. Eliminate Crumbs
Every time you make a meal, ants have a feast. Even the neatest eaters leave behind a few crumbs. The only way to make food less accessible to ants is to clean up crumbs as you go. Immediately after a meal, clean the floors and surfaces. Every two or three months, take a weekend to do a deep clean. Vacuum and mop behind your refrigerator and oven to get rid of crumbs.

3. Seal Garbage Cans
Your garbage is just as attractive to ants as crumbs are. Therefore, one of the effective forms of ant prevention is to seal your garbage cans. If you don't have garbage cans with lids, purchase a top that fits properly or replace the can with a new one that comes with a lid.

4. Store Food In Sealed Bags Or Containers
Your pantry has everything ants need to survive. Open boxes of cereal, bags of pasta, and sleeves of cookies attract all types of ants. If you don't want ants to thrive in your pantry and contaminate your food, you need to seal it up. Invest in some sturdy containers with tight lids, and you have a fighting chance at keeping ants away.

5. Work With A Professional
Without professional assistance, there's only so much you can do to prevent ants from invading your property. Instead of leaving your home or business vulnerable, contact the Assurance Pest Solutions team. Our team of experts can inspect your property and come up with a customized pest control plan. Give us a call today at (781) 630-5653 for more information.