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Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Waltham Home

Norway rat

What does it take to make a home a home? A soft couch and a TV to watch? A long dinner table with plenty of seats for when people come to visit? Maybe all a home needs to feel like home is a family to live in it. We personally think one thing every home needs is effective rodent control. If you are here today seeking a solution to furry pests around your Waltham home, here is why you should consider calling the pros for help.

Things You Should Know About Rodents

Several different species of rodents live here in Waltham, but only a couple are known for invading homes. Here is a basic description of each and a few facts that will help you better understand these invasive pests.

Norway Rats

Norway rats are the most invasive rat species in the world and regularly invade homes in our area. You can identify this furry pest by its brown fur, scattered black hairs, seven to nine-and-a-half-inch body, six to eight-inch scaly tail, black eyes, blunt muzzle, and round ears.

House Mice

House mice are the most common home-invading rodent worldwide and love getting into homes here in Waltham, especially during the winter months. You can identify this furry pest by its dusty grey fur, cream-colored belly, three to four-inch body, two to four-inch fuzzy tail, pointed snout, large ears, and red or black eyes.

The Problems Rodents Cause

There are three ways rodents cause trouble around homes; they are dangerous, annoying, and destructive.

Rodents pose a danger to humans in the form of disease. These pests pick up diseases as they crawl through dirty areas and eat unclean foods; they then spread them inside homes through their fecal matter and urine and off their bodies.

Rodents are annoying with the noise they make at all hours of the night. If you didn’t know, rodents are nocturnal, meaning they are up and about when you are trying to sleep – crawling around, gnawing on things, and on occasion knocking things over.

Rodents are destructive with their incredibly sharp teeth and chewing habits. As a general rule, if something is in a rodent’s way, they will gnaw their way through it. This includes drywall, wood, vinyl paneling, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, electrical wires, and utility pipes. Rodents will also tear up insulation, paper, and fabrics around homes to construct their nests.

Why DIY Often Fails

There are many ways homeowners try to handle rodent problems. Some use chemical-based pesticides to try to kill these pests around their home; others use traps. We recommend avoiding chemical-based rodent control products at all costs as they are dangerous to people and pets when used in the wrong amounts or in the wrong locations. Traps, on the other hand, can be effective but only when dealing with small infestations of only a couple of rodents. If you suspect your home’s rodent problem hasn’t gotten out of control, place a few traps baited with peanut butter in areas you suspect rodents are traveling. Just promise that if you don’t find success in two weeks to give us a call at (781) 630-5653.

When To Call The Professionals

For an infestation of three or more rodents, our recommendation is to get a professional involved. More specifically, give us a call at Assurance Pest Solutions at (781) 630-5653. We have been handling pest problems for years and have the industrial-grade equipment and advanced control measures needed to effectively handle rodents around your Waltham home and property.

Reach out to our team today for more details about our services and remember, your home deserves the best, and we provide nothing but that. Learn more about our rodent control services and our home pest control process.